Buying a Foreclosure in Desperate Need of Clean Up: No Cake Walk

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I recently acquired a foreclosure property to live in. I thought I comprehended what I was moving into, but I didn’t really appreciate the considerable effort I’d be having to face, in order to elevate it up to acceptable and liveable conditions. Obviously, it relies upon one’s meaning of liveable standards because people’s standards of living can be very diverse. Still, the outer surfaces of the property were covered in mold, mildew, dirt, grime, oil and rust stains, and even paint. The patio had oil slicks and other stains that shouldn’t be so evident. The top of the house appeared as if it was almost going to fall inward due to the plants and weeds existing up there.

Nonetheless, it’s in a fantastic neighborhood, an ideal location for me. Also, I got it at a fraction of the sale price of the other residences in the neighborhood. Because the dwelling seemed ugly, had been disregarded a long time, years and it seemed that no purchaser wanted to dedicate themselves to do the work on the real property, therefore, I got a special bargain. But definitely not without obstacles, as time would soon reveal!

Prior to submitting my bid, I had resolved I would take up the glove and try and to renew the dwelling in a style harking back to its past prestige. The domicile is going to have need of additional exertion, and it’ll probably be worth it, when all’s said and done.

When we took ownership of the property, the most momentous concern was not breaking into crying, every occasion when driving up to the home. The outside of the house was so unsightly, horribly filthy, and thick with growth that should I continue with the dream of living here, we’d have to tackle the yard and the home’s exterior so I could stop crying.

While the landscaping is dense with plant life gone wild, there are plenty of stunning flowering shrubs near the home, that I would like to nurture. Surely, if the homestead appearance was clean, even though lush and overgrown, I would still smile about arriving at home. And, I wouldn’t make enemies of the people in my neighborhood.

That’s exactly why and when I made up my mind to search for pressure washing companies near me.

Appearing in a pick-up, all the while towing a huge water reservoir, the crew got out. The first thing the team’s manager asked me was if there were any vexatious matters. I cited that I wanted to give protection to the amazing blooming shrubbery nearby the building. I asked if they’d be exposed to the negative toxic chemicals. Interestingly, the technician will put a protective canopy on the shrubs and trees before they start, and that was part and parcel of the usual prep for each and every power washing service. Plus, they stated they would also completely saturate the gardens with liquid, to dilute all of the toxic chemicals, if they perch on the earth nearby the walkways.

Terrific. First-rate proposition!

I gave the head guy a hurried precis about me just moving into the house. Because of the fact that the home was so poorly maintained for ages; the pressure washing service pretty much realized, it would be essential that they would tackle each exterior element of the building as necessary when they’re pressure washing. I was fearful that there were external components which could demand some extra effort… Perhaps they would make note of any loose or broken asphalt shingles, and/or siding, tiles, paving stones, windows, rotting window frames, torn/missing window screens, and so on and so forth?

I was assured that they would certainly do it, even though we both knew, that it’s typically not part and parcel of the standard protocol. I was very awe-struck because of their disposition to assist me. The manager would confirm that the crew knew to note just about anything rotting, loose or broken, as they were cleaning.

Although they arrived early in the day with a crew, they took most of the day to pressure clean the exterior of the house, the gutters and roof, the cement driveway, the veranda, the concrete pool deck, our low brick wall (on the perimeter) and all vertical and horizontal exterior surfaces about the complete dwelling. What an effort! But this team power washed the building expertly and superbly too!

The mold, mildew, moss, dirt, grime, oil and rust stains, and even paint were eliminated. The walkway’s stains, lichen, and sticky stuff were eliminated and so were all of the other smudges. It was like a brand-new house! We found ourselves so joyful with the effect, I asked about power cleaning the windows and mosquito screens while the team was already there.

Since the exterior has been cleaned, we’ll initiate a paint undertaking and start work on repairing the elements they mentioned. At least now, the homestead was not a fright to us or my neighbors. And I’m not anxious about each occurrence when I drive up to the domicile. By the way, we can’t visualize engaging another service to do power washing for us. These guys and gals were the time-tested services. To set up your power washing appointment, check the website right here.


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