How to Exercise to Lose Belly Fat | How Exercise Lose Weight

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Gaining weight is comparatively an easy task however to lose weight we have to first prevent gaining more weight. Our body has a natural mechanism to store the excess food consumed for later use in the form of fat. So food consumed more than the required amount of calories used is stored in our body. Storage of fat in our body takes place in two types.
1. The number of fat cells in our body increases.
2. The size of fat cells in our body increases.
The number of fat cells keeps on increasing in number as the person grows in size. A fat cell of an obese person could be three times more than a normal person. The good news is that it is possible to reduce the size of these fat cells but to reduce the number of fat cells is very tough. It’s easy for a fat cell to increase in size again faster. So the wise solution will be to prevent gaining more fat cells immediately.

Step 1: Stop further bodyweight increase.

This is the most important step to be taken. Gradually reduce the consumption of excess food to reach a balanced diet state. A balanced diet provides the body with only the amount of calories required by a person for each day ie, the calories consumed = to the calories required by an individual each day. So no excess calorie controls increase the number of fat cells and maintains the body weight. Well, then what is the number of calories required by my body each day? The calories required depends on the metabolic level (health & fitness level) of a person, work done and lifestyle, etc. The American Dietetic Association has recommended Mifflin – St Jeor Formula to calculate the daily calorie requirement which is
For men:
10 x Weight(kg) + 6.25 x Height(cm) – 5 x Age(Y) + 5 = Daily calorie needed for men
For women:
10 x Weight(kg) + 6.25 x Height(cm) – 5 x Age(Y) – 161 = Daily calorie needed for women
let’s focus on how to lose weight. Well it is recommended to gradually reduce the food consumed to prevent weight gain.
Here are some tips to control hunger and it is not safe to lose weight very fast.
So here are some simple tips on how to reduce food consumption to reduce body weight.
1. Eat less quantity of low calorie food. like fruits, vegetables & low carb diet.
2. Your diet should be equal to amount of calories required by your body each days work.
3. Drink water periodically this makes you feel comfortable also.
4. Engage yourself in activities which you enjoy, however do healthy good things. This could reduce your appetite and also make you more productive hence burning more calories through the day etc.
5. Drink some water before you start and during eating etc.

Step 2: To lose weight, remove the excess fat from your body

There are many methods to do this however I like the natural method with minimal side effects. The best of all is to follow a regularly exercise plan with a balance diet. Consult an experienced fitness trainer for suitable exercise plans.
Basic principles to lose weight exercise are
1. To lose 1 pound of weight, you must burn about 3500 calories
2. Gradual loss of body weight is better and safe.
3. Have an exercise plan to manage your weight loss program.
1. Drink clean water early morning at least over 2 glasses.
2. Reducing your intake of food by about 300 to 500 calories a day.
3. Exercise to burn over 500 calories of excess (30 min swimming approx) body fat could be a gradual lose weight exercising. Following this exercise plan you will reduce 800 calories each day which is = 4000 cal in 5 days. This will help you to lose about 1 pound in each 5 days.
4. Losing body weight gradually over is period of time will have long lasting weight loss result

Step 3: Maintain body weight

It’s easy to gain the lost weight easily so it’s very important to stop gaining more body weight.
1. Sincerely continue the exercise plan
Once you attain the required weight then in your joy of losing weight don’t start to celebrate feeding over high carbohydrate food. Maintain good healthy life style with regular exercise pattern and balanced diet will maintain your good shape.
2. Avoid stress.
3. Avoid snacking when watching TV.
4. Drinking clean water early morning at least over 2 glasses is found to improve metabolic rate this helps in reducing body weight and is also good for the body etc.

1. Fat in and around the belly is very dangerous when compared to the fat accumulated in other parts of the body. This abdominal fat shows that there is large volume of fat accumulated around the organs of the body called visceral fat this is very harmful. Hence start acting on this now.

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2. There are many shortcuts to this natural weight loss method. Pills like the Zantrex-3, which is an amphetamine-free diet drug. Though Zantrex consists of herbs it effects like caffeine. Drug safety information warns against using Zantrex pills in combination with other caffeine-containing food, medications or even beverages. Excess of Zantrex is more of caffeine which may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness and occasionally, rapid heartbeat. Hence it’s best to be natural and live healthy.