Spicing up your $ex life

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$ex lives can get a bit dull and dreary after a few years together, so here are some tips on how you can spice things back up again.

Pretend you haven’t met

It sounds cliched but why not meet in a pub in clothes you wouldn’t usually wear? Pretend that you don’t know each other and that you’re approaching each other because of your mutual attraction. Why not wear fetish corsets or fishnet tights to spice things up a bit even more? It’ll be a big surprise for your partner and will really get him or her going.

Invest in some toys

Rampant rabbits, double-ended dildos, clit vibrators…whatever takes your fancy, make an investment in it. They may seem scary but if you explore them together they won’t be; you’ll end up having orgasm after orgasm and also having a bit of a laugh, too.

Watch porn together

No, it doesn’t have to be the sleazy stuff. There are plenty of porn videos that are accessible for women and could even get you going! It’ll be a great way for you to bond and no-one’s saying you have to watch it every night, just every so often. You might even find a particular kind you like – such as lesbian, orgy, interracial, couples, gang bangs or even solo.

Be his or her slave for the night

Tell your other half that you’ll do anything they want for the entire evening. This’ll get their imagination going and also mean they’re able to be as free as they like. Don’t forget to set a safe word though; you’ll shout this if things get too much for you. Make sure it’s something you wouldn’t say in the throes of passion though, like ‘banana’, ‘engines’ or ‘shortbread’.
Follow these tips and you’re sure to re-ignite both your fires for a long time to come!

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