Can’t wake up? Tips for an easy rise and shine

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Waking up is hard… for some of us, sure. For me, some mornings seem impossible. Not for terrible reasons like dreading the day, the rain outside, or lack of sleep. It’s really because I love my bed so much. Sleeping, I confess, is something I cherish. Being able to sleep well is something I value the most.

Several months ago though, I underwent a major lifestyle change and took a job that allows me the good fortune (some would say) of working from home. While this probably seems like a dream come true for most, for me it was a huge change of pace. And the fact that I loved my bed so much (in a tiny apartment, which also houses my workspace), naturally, was something I needed to learn to let go of fast.

For some of us, waking up is hard for other reasons, so I thought I’d share some of the tricks I’ve learned on my own with the help of thousands of articles, advice from friends, and simple things I’ve been able to successfully implement on my own.

This is my morning routine to trick myself into waking up with joy.

First, let’s get that out of the way and tackle the alarm clock. Admittedly, I’m reaching an age where I wake up earlier and could probably do without this terrible noise machine, but most days I rely on it as my rooster. Without him, most of the morning would happily pass me by as I dozed off, unaware of the terrible mistake I was making.

Why wake up to something that feels so unpleasant?

Why not try waking up to something that’s more exciting? Something that makes us less solemnly aware of the fact that night has come and gone. Then I tried music… many of us have iPhones that host alarm clock functionality and play music at the same time. And if not, at least we have the option to set our alarm clock, however, outdated it may be, to play the radio instead of that awful hum.

It worked… music makes me wake up in a different way, slower but better. More aware and happy, compared to the angry feeling I would get from something screaming in my ear.

Next, the windows. If you sleep in a room with windows that get direct sunlight, try sleeping with the blinds open. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to expose all your dirty work to onlookers at night. Think about opening them again before falling asleep. For me, it allows me to wake up with the sun the next morning and helps me start my day off right. Please note, if you know it’s going to be a rainy day, you may choose to keep the blinds closed as a rainy day can have the opposite effect for some, I know it does for me.

Don’t Fill your nightstand with a bunch of clutter. Make it pretty and put something attractive on it, as it will probably be the first thing you see in the morning when you pick up that musical alarm clock you’ve just started using. I have a purple orchid next to me along with a pile of books, lotion and a candle called Florence by Tocca. This is your personal space, so do what works best for you with it.

Tips for an easy rise and shine

Try a coffee on hold. Again, this work-from-home situation has allowed me all sorts of lifestyle changes and making coffee at home is one of them. (Sorry, Starbucks!) Another lovely thing to look forward to in the morning is the smell of fresh coffee. If you don’t already have one, buy a coffee maker with a programmer for a timer. It’s worth the money and you only have to spend three minutes getting ready at night before going to bed. Morning comes and waa-la! , you have successfully stimulated your nose as well as your eyes with the windows open and ears with the alarm clock. Once you are able to physically get out of bed, shower and eat next.

A shower in the morning always helps to stimulate and wake sleepy heads. I’ve heard rumors and read articles about certain scents that help energize, but I never really thought about it until now. I’m a big fan of having multiple bath products to choose from in the shower, so give one of these restorative body washes a spin and let us know if you agree it helps. Try Dove Burst Body Wash in Nectarine & White Ginger or Nivea’s Touch of Happiness Body Wash in Orange Blossom & Bamboo.

Finally, eat something. Never skip breakfast, even if you only eat an energy bar. I switched to eating protein in the morning a while ago, and it has changed my outlook each day for the better. Try eggs, a tofu mix, or peanut butter toast. These are all simple solutions to fill an empty stomach and start your day on the right foot.

Some other things to think about: Turning on a morning show, reading the paper, or just listening to the radio can all make for a lovely morning routine. Being that I’m not a morning person, I don’t do enough but I swear… I would work out if I could. I work out several days a week, but it never tends to go down before noon. Taking a brisk walk or jog in the first hour never hurts and can help get things back on track quickly.