Be safe not sorry: Always use a Condom

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It is important to have a fun and active $ex life, though it is equally important (if not more so) to ensure that you are safe during $ex, not only from the risk of pregnancy but too from the risk of contracting $exual diseases. Even if you are with a regular partner, it is always best to wear condoms.

There are plenty of different types of condoms available on the market today and $ex shops tend to stock a wider range than you might find in supermarkets or $exual health clinics.

It is often ignored, too, that during oral $ex it is always advised to wear either a condom or dental dam. Flavored condoms are ideal to use during oral $ex, as there are lots of flavors to choose from and avoid the unpleasant rubbery taste that can be associated with using normal condoms during oral play. There are also types of condoms that can enhance the enjoyment of intercourse overall for both men and women. Ribbed condoms make $ex pleasurable for women by increasing texture and friction, making intercourse overall more pleasurable for men. Condoms that are extra light are just as safe to use as normal condoms despite seeming riskier. Extra safe condoms are slightly thicker, and with enhanced lubrication to reduce the risk of splitting, the lubricant also contains something called spermicidal, which kills sperm once it has been ejaculated. However, be sure to remember that spermicidal alone does not protect from $exually transmitted diseases.

The main way to avoid contracting a $exually transmitted disease is always to wear a condom, even if you are in a steady relationship or know the person well. For more information on $exually transmitted diseases, there is plenty of information on the NHS by clicking here. In any aspect of your $ex life, it is always better to be safe than sorry, as some $exually contracted diseases can be life-threatening (such as AIDS) others can make you infertile (such as gonorrhea) and other $exually transmitted diseases can be damaging but very difficult to detect (such a Chlamydia). Always using a condom ensures that not only are you safe from contracting anything, but they too can enhance your $ex life!

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