If a husband drinks the breast milk of his wife, how strange is this to hear? | Is drinking a wife’s milk good for health?

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Breast milk that nature has made because this is for the little soul that has come into this world can nourish it. Breast milk gives him proper nutrition, but many husbands have a special fantasy that they drink the breast milk of their wives, along with their children.

Such things are often done by those who are especially concerned about their wives, Or any woman who has breasts they like very much has a lot of fantasy. They take any female’s breasts or like their nipples very much that they don’t like their other part or something else.

What happened when the Women become a mother

Whenever a woman becomes a mother, At the beginning when breast milk production is done very fast. In the two to three months after starting, the breast in which it looks fuller.

Yes, it means that suddenly it looks so round, Shapely, and attractive, even if not everyone has it. But for those men who have a lot of attraction to their wife’s breasts or have a lot of fantasy about it, this is definitely too much for them. It is proved, that’s why the more he sucks becomes the more milk comes out from the breast. Then fantasies of men also develop slowly.

This may not be for everyone, but in maximum cases, the men have their own choice to suck the nipple. Hey, When they have such a fantasy, this is mostly found in them, otherwise, I don’t think that any man should drink his wife’s milk.

But the question is whether it has any harm. It means whether this will harm the husband or the wife will be harmed or their child will be harmed from this?

We will discuss this in brief detail

We all know that whatever breast milk happens is nectar. For a child, breast milk is definitely not poison. It’s also not poison for these husbands. Breast Milk is full of nutrition for the child to best growth physically as well as mentally. But it is of no use to give nutrition to fill a husband’s stomach because it is not sufficient for one adult male. So the husband does not be harmed because somewhere he drinks nectar.

They are not benefiting from it because it neither fills their stomach nor does the nutrition goes to the body of those who have their requirement. But this milk is ideal for this child. So it is obvious that if a man is drinking his wife’s milk to fulfill his fantasy, then he should drink little that is enough for that child.

So then, they should be so careful that they do not drink breast milk at that level that it becomes less for their child. That is, the female’s body also gives production up to a limit at a time.

At that time, the female body is a little tired. At that time, she does as much as she can for a small child. Then the baby also starts to grow slowly and at a time, it starts to decrease again.

If your husband drinks breast milk, then you should always be so careful that your child does not have to go through hunger. Whenever the child needs milk, he can drink full milk.

The power of a young man to drink breast milk is 10-20 times more than that of a child.

So when a young man sucks this breast milk starts to come out very fast and then ends up. If you suck excessive milk, it can make it insufficient for the baby. So, it is essential to be careful.

New Moms

new pregnant mom Secondly, many times after delivery mothers, who are new moms, their nipples crack. Yes, many times in the beginning when the baby sucks it the top skin starts to come out causing them pain now.

The baby has no teeth. So obviously the baby sucks it sucking may hurt them, but their teeth do not sting, but if their husband sucks the same nipple, it may be that their teeth will bite them and it will hurt their mother.

In the case of a new mom, knots come due to over-production, then we have to pump and take them out because I have done this in experience.

If you do it on time, you don’t have to throw it away. If it is ideal for the mother’s body, then it is okay because, at this time, the production also becomes a limit and balance also becomes. But it is important to take care of health.

Is drinking a wife’s milk good for health?

When the wife becomes pregnant and in the 7th month of pregnancy, milk starts to be produced from the breast. At that time the breasts feel heavy and full. So if the husband drinks that milk then it will be healthier for his wife. Because with normal breasts the wife feels a little better. It also strengthens your love feelings so that you can lead a good married life. Husbands should suck women’s breasts to prevent Breast Cancer.

So be careful about these things.  Do not over-suck. Do not make insufficient production for the child.