Natural Breast Growth And Healthy Food

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Many women may feel disappointed that their natural breast growth has left them a bit small in the size department. But are still hesitant about surgical implants, or any number of gimmicky methods that have come up over the years. From growth pills and unique exercises, to surgery and breast cream. It can be difficult to pick out which of these will help breast enhancement, and which are nothing more than hype.

This is why many women are now looking to their diet to see how it can not only help natural breast growth, but also improve their overall health. And help to balance their hormones. For those that are interested in natural breast enlargement, and improving their hormonal balance through their diet, there are certain factors that need to be considered. We should start by trying to get a better understanding of how foods and diet can affect your body.

Hormones & Natural Breast Growth

It is important to understand how diet affects one’s overall health, hormones, and breast size. Breast tissue is primarily comprised of fatty tissues, and this means that any weight fluctuations can often be seen in the breasts immediately. This is why the first step in this process is to create a healthy diet and exercise program as soon as possible. This will provide women with a great point from which to start experimenting with various foods. Plus it will also begin the process of allowing one’s body to balance both testosterone and oestrogen naturally.

Oestrogen vs. Testosterone

Oestrogen is the female hormone that begins the menstrual cycle during puberty, and is directly responsible for body traits such as larger curves and bigger breasts. On the other hand, testosterone is often referred to as the male hormone, and an overproduction of this hormone can put a halt to natural breast growth. While it may seem as easy as increasing oestrogen while decreasing testosterone, women should be cautious.

The female body requires both testosterone and oestrogen in order to function properly. Going to the extreme with either one of these hormones can be dangerous. Women that are at risk of breast cancer, ovarian cysts, or fibroids should speak with their doctor about the dangers of manipulating their hormones.

Oestrogen and Phytoestrogen

So with all this in mind, the key to breast augmentation through a diet, is increasing healthy fats and oestrogen. While mildly decreasing the the natural production of testosterone. This is why many women focus on foods that contain phytoestrogen which will mimic natural oestrogen within one’s body.

To do this correctly it is advised to manage phytoestrogen intake with herbal supplements. Whilst eating a healthy diet that avoids phytoestrogen, but supplies the body with other nutrients which help keep hormones in balance.

Tricking the body into thinking it has a high oestrogen level by consuming foods that also contain phytoestrogens may not give you larger breasts. It can actually stop any chance of natural breast growth, because the body will stop accepting real oestrogen. So it is recommended that any foods that contain phytoestrogen be avoided.

It really comes down to a well judged balancing act between supplements, and diet both working together. Each providing the body separate yet complementary nutrients, minerals and compounds needed to encourage natural breast growth.

Eating The Right Food In A Balanced Diet

While there is no single surefire food that will promote natural breast growth by itself, a diet is a great place to start with natural breast development. Food that is high in protein is very important as it is needed by the body for growth and maintenance. Healthy fats (Monounsaturated fat, and Polyunsaturated fat), are also important to improve blood cholesterol levels. Try to eat organic food whenever you can.

Avoid processed food when possible, as they not only provide lower nutritional quality, but can also be high in unhealthy fats (Saturated fat, and Trans fat). Processed food can also contain a variety of chemicals, antibiotics, and additives which can result in unwanted synthetic hormones. Which can hinder your ability to keep your natural hormones in balance. Processed food also contains preservatives, and quite often sugar to add sweetness. High intakes of sugar will increase testosterone so if you are trying to increase you breast size be wary of how much sugar you eat.

Here are some foods you might like to include within a healthy balanced diet:

  • Grass-Fed (Organic) Beef – Rich in fatty acids, protein, and nutrients.
  • Quinoa – This is known as a “complete protein” grain.
  • European Greek Yogurt – Rich, fatty, nutritious and low in sugar.
  • Almonds and Almond Butter – Contains healthy fat, protein, and minerals.
  • Organic Chicken – Rich in essential fatty acids, and a lean source of protein.
  • Organic (Free-Range) Eggs – Rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins and protein.

As already stated there is alas no food on its own that can start natural breast growth. But a healthy diet can help to balance your hormones and lead you down the road to increasing your bust size. By adding a sensible healthy diet to a program of exercise, massage and supplements it is possible to start getting bigger breasts.