How to Increase Breast Size

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Many women often feel their breasts play a big part in their self-esteem and image, so they try to increase their breast sizes. There are even more ways to do so than ever before, from life-changing cosmetic surgery to simple creams you can smear on your breasts in the hopes of them growing larger. Commercial products which claim to have great results in a short amount of time can often get womens’ hopes ups, only to find out they don’t work at all.


Some breast creams will also cause more than a realization that you’ve wasted your money; people who have allergies to certain chemicals or ingredients may be in for a rude awakening, too. Add that to potentially dangerous side effects included in some creams from no-name companies, and you have yourself a dangerous market to dip into. The market should be like an ideal breast enlargement cream; easy to use and should have quick results.


Finding the Right Breast Enhancement Products

Don’t be too alarmed by these words of warning; not every breast enhancement product on the market is made to make your breasts fall off when they make contact with your skin. There are products out there that indeed help increase your breast size, but it may involve a lot of wading through the liars and fakes to get to that genuine article.

Breast enhancement products come in many different shapes and forms, too:

• Creams and lotions are a common form of the breast-enhancing product. These are simply applied directly onto the breasts, and take a relatively long time to take effect. Some products may claim to increase breast sizes more quickly than others.
• Breast enlarging products also come in pill form. Only recently have these products been subject to health and safety regulations, so the risks of ingesting something potentially harmful have been significantly lowered. That’s not to say the hodge-podge of random ingredients in these products won’t cause even just a tiny allergic reaction, so do a little research before buying.
• Cosmetic surgery is also something advertised as widely as creams and lotions. In these procedures, implants are inserted into the breasts to make them appear larger, more prominently, or to make them feel much firmer than usual. Using this method to increase your breast size may be dangerous unless your surgeon is skilled and reputable enough.

With the many methods of enlargement available to consumers today, convenience and ease of use are kings. Pills, creams, and lotions provide this convenience and are very common in stores to boot.


Can Exercise Routines Naturally Increase Your Breast Size?

This may sound suspect at first because breast tissue is largely fatty and exercise can sometimes cause fat loss. However, there are breast workout exercises you can do to help firm up your breasts. Building pectoral muscles is a proven way to make breasts look bigger. In addition, building up your pecs makes breasts less saggy.

One way to build up your muscles is to do sets – often of ten to 20 reps, see video – with one of the heavier dumbbells that you can lift. This is a balancing act – you don’t want a dumbbell so heavy that it makes you max out after a few repetitions, but you also don’t want a dumbbell that’s so light it barely works your muscles. Alternately, use selectorized machines at your local gym, many machines have graphics that show what muscles they work – look for one stat work pectorals.

Another way to build is with push ups. Push ups are a functional exercise, meaning they require the body to self-stabilize. This makes them good for overall health too, do push ups in sets of ten to 20. Some people prefer to do push ups with knees touching the ground, but you get more muscle work per rep if you keep your back straight and your knees off the ground. There are plenty of other exercises that specifically help build pecs and make your breasts look bigger.

A Balanced Diet Can Help To Increase Your Breast Size

Oestrogen is one of the main hormones that drives the growth of breast tissue. Some plants (especially soy and, to some extent, coffee beans) contain phytoestrogens, which mimic oestrogen in the body. Depending on the levels of oestrogen you already have, phytoestrogens can either increase or decrease the amount of oestrogen. Always check with your doctor before making a phytoestrogen supplementation a part of a new diet. While they are perfectly safe for many, some people, especially those who have or have recovered from oestrogen-responsive breast cancers, should avoid them.

Even eating a basic healthy diet can help with breast growth. Stay hydrated – when you’re dehydrated, breasts won’t retain as much water and can tend to appear smaller. Eat organic when possible, especially when it comes to meat and dairy. Many farmed animals are raised with high levels of antibiotics and added hormones – these can alter the body’s chemistry in ways that are harmful. Lean proteins – chicken, legumes, Greek yogurt, and quinoa (the only plant that’s a complete protein!) are helpful in keeping your metabolism on an even keel.

If you consume animal products, humanely-raised products tend to be healthier – grass-raised beef is leaner than traditional beef, wild-caught salmon has more omega-3s than farmed salmon, free-range eggs are higher in vitamin D, etc. A side note – hormones are the key to naturally increase your breast size. A healthy diet can keep your hormones relatively stable. If you suspect an imbalance (i.e., you have symptoms of an endocrine disorder), seeing a doctor and getting appropriate blood tests can help you identify and treat the problem.