Winter wedding tips: outfit, makeup, decor

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So, let’s begin. First of all, the bride’s wedding dress and shoes must be warm and appropriate for the weather. Believe me, you are unlikely to be able to enjoy each other and the main day in your life if you are pounding from the cold. But you will have to spend a lot of time outdoors, taking into account the photo session. So sleeveless dresses and slippers are canceled.
The dress should be made of dense material that keeps its shape well and retains warmth. It will be appropriate to choose a closed dress, but do not think that due to the lack of a neckline, it will be dull. Two-layer fluffy skirts that perfectly keep warm, long sleeves of an unusual shape, lace with the effect of winter patterns, decor made of transparent glass beads that resemble ice, embroidery with iridescent silver threads, sparkling rhinestones will make you like the Snow Queen.
Outerwear should also be chosen wisely. A cardigan decorated with fur, a fur bolero, a cape embroidered with patterns or a shortened light coat will help to keep warm and create a stylish look. As for footwear, you should choose the appropriate for the season ugg boots, boots with fur, ankle boots. You can even more advantageously beat the image and add a spectacular fur hat and gloves here. Moreover, these accessories can be the same for the bride and groom, which will look stylish in the photo.

In makeup, you need to take into account the specifics of the winter season. An experienced make-up artist should select materials and textures that behave well in the cold, as well as moisturize and prepare the skin for its long stay in the cold. The texture of the makeup should be quite dense to hide the reddened nose and skin of the face, but at the same time not turn the face into a mask. You should avoid lilac, bluish, burgundy shades in makeup, which can make the skin pale and even bluish, and in fact the skin can turn pale from the cold. But silver sparkles, “ice” eyeshadows, pearlescent lipstick with an icy effect, metallic eyeliner, mascara of bright colors, for example, dark blue or lilac, will look appropriate and festive.

In our country, most weddings take place from May to October. For weddings, the warm season is held in high esteem, while winter scares off some of the spouses with possible difficulties in organizing a celebration in frost and blizzard. However, gentle winter landscapes with canvases of sparkling snow, ice-bound puddles and a general light palette of nature are great for photo shoots. Yes, and in Russia, before weddings were played in the winter, in the so-called winter meat-eater, which began after Epiphany and lasted until Lent.
Therefore, you should not be afraid to plan a wedding celebration for the winter, because with a skillful approach to business and taking into account some of the peculiarities of a wedding in winter, the event will be original, memorable and effective, like wedding photos.

Hair accessories and jewelry should be chosen with the winter theme in mind. The main materials can be silver, white metals, Swarovski crystals, bugles, pearls, stones of cold shades, crystal. For example, a miniature crown with crystal beads, a silver comb decorated with pearls and rhinestones, a bracelet with crystals, a brooch with glass beads will be associated with winter, snow, ice sparkling under the sun and ice icicles.