10 weird tricks but surely help you to reduce weight naturally

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If you’re tired of the workout and follow the harsh diet systems without getting the results you want out of weight loss, what do you think by following some strange tricks that help to lose weight easily and without effort?

Those tricks depend on following some new techniques in cooking or while eating, but the results of it a definite and effective.

Here are more exotic tricks that will help to reduce weight.

1-Inhaling the smell of mint

That may seem strange, but some research has confirmed that people inhaling peppermint scents regularly helps to reduce the feeling of hunger and desire to eat. This leads to reducing the intake of calories and losing weight effectively. Where smelling odors work to fool the brain and overcome the nerve signals that indicate hunger.

2-Eating olive oil between meals

Some nutrition experts confirmed that eating 1-2 tablespoon of olive oil a day between meals helps to lose excess kilo grams. This helps to curb appetite and reduce food intake. When dealing with the familiar flavors of foods, it helps to stimulate the feeling of hunger, with the desire to eat larger amounts of food. However, it is when dealing with unfamiliar flavors as olive oil, it helps to reduce the desire to eat, leading to weight loss.

3- Eat in smaller dishes

Of the most effective tricks that help to lose weight quickly is to use smaller dishes to eat. This helps to reduce the amount of food that we eat during meals, helping to fast feeling of satiety.

4-The blue colour

One of the main reasons behind the lack of use of fast-food restaurants decorated in blue color is that it helps to curb appetite. Therefore, it is advisable to decorate the dining table in blue, with the use of eating utensils from blue to help curb appetite and reduce food intake. Avoid red, yellow and orange through eating, studies contends that it encourages overeating.

5-Eating chilli

Eating chilli

Nutrition experts confirm that when you add ½ teaspoon of red pepper to your meals daily, it helps to reduce the intake of calories during the following meals.

6-Sleep in a cold room

Sleep in a cold room helps promote metabolic rates. This helps to burn more calories to maintain body temperature warm while sleeping.

7-Put a mirror in front of the dining table

Eat in front of the mirror helps to reduce the amount of food that we eat to almost one-third. Seems to be to look at ourselves while eating, reflects some of the goals and standards to maintain the agility of the body.

8-Use Chinese sticks to eat

Chinese sticks to eat

Chinese use sticks while eating helps not to eat too much. It helps to eat small amounts during meals. Learn to use to eat and keeping fit.

9-Food photography

Rather than identify the food that you eat during the day, take a national of the quantities of food that you eat and Keep it with the date on your phone photograph. Visual account for the amount of food you eat may help curb appetite and reduce food intake.

10- Watching TV for a period of less

Watching TV for a period of less
Adults spend about 5 hours a day by watching television. In a study published recently, that reducing TV viewing by 50% helps to reduce calories at a rate of 119 average calories during the day.