Safety for cyclists

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Being well equipped by wearing and carrying the right safety gear as a cyclist is very important. This is because when there is any kind of collision on the road it is most likely that the cyclist will come out more injured. Taking those extra precautions to keep yourself safe on the roads is important, especially when not everyone follows the rules of roads. Here are some of the most important bits of safety equipment a cyclist might want to consider when on the roads. 


Putting on your helmet, it’s what you start you ride off with. Most cyclists will already wear this, however it is still important to ensure that your helmet fits your head properly, so that it can protect you to the best of its ability. Different sizes vary between manufacturers, but make sure you take the time to ensure it fits your head right. 

Hi-vis jacket

A hi-vis jacket is important, especially if you are heading out at nighttime or during winter when it is dark during typical commute times. This jacket makes sure that you are visible to other people on the roads, helping you glow in the dark and even to be well spotted during the day. You can get good quality hi-vis jackets that are resistant in certain weathers, and that are extra reflective so you can be clearly seen.

Bike light

To be able to ride on a night you have to be wearing a bike light, as it is against the law to ride without them. They are an effective way to be visible, so investing in some bike lights that will last you a long time and that are bright are worth it. They can easily fit onto your bike, and a good bike light battery can last up to 16 hours. 

Knee and elbow pads

This type of equipment can be more crucial for younger cyclists, to avoid them from scrapes and grazes. However they are good safety measures for anyone to wear, helping to protect parts of your body if you were to get into a collision.

Cycling glasses

If you like to cycle a lot and for long periods of time cycling glasses could be important in protecting your eyes. Whether it is from the blinding sun, hailstones, insects or road debris these could come in handy. If you invest in a good pair of glasses they’ll have no frame, so that you’ll have great visibility of the roads around you. 

Other way cyclists can remain safe 

Keeping yourself safe on the roads is important, and investing in some good durable equipment is worth it. As well as having all the right safety equipment, you also need to make sure that your bike is roadworthy. There are many videos and step by step buides on the Cycle Maintenance Academy page to help you set your bike up and maintain it to ensure it is safe and ready for the roads. Cycling is safer than ever before with the implementation of cycle lanes but taking additional measures to remain safe should still be a priority. 

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