Myth Vs. Fact: Natural Products

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The cleaning products that we use in our daily lives are more often than not full of harmful chemicals. The more we are exposed to these chemicals, the more likely it is that after years of prolonged contact they will cause some or the other respiratory disease. switching to herbal or organic products that are made with all-natural ingredients is much better for the health of you and your family long-term. 

Even though herbal natural products are better for the environment, are more economical and don’t contain chemicals, there are a few myths surrounding them. let’s bust a few myths and understand herbal products better. 

Herbal Products are Not as Effective

One of the most common myths associated with organic cleaners and natural detergents is that since they are made of herbal ingredients they won’t be as effective at getting rid of germs and bacteria as chemical cleaners are. The fact of the matter is some natural ingredients are far more potent than chemicals and some ingredients contain those chemicals in their natural form making them safe to use around humans. Natural cleaners are just as effective, if not more than chemical cleaners and will definitely leave your house pest and germ free, without all the harmful side effects.

Herbal products are more expensive

People believe that since herbal products are made of organic ingredients they would be costlier and uneconomical in the long run. This is a common myth and most natural cleaners are in fact cheaper than mass produced chemical based cleaners. Natural ingredients are more easily available and are cheaper to manufacture which makes them highly affordable and a better cleaning choice. herbal products also last just as long as traditional cleaning products so you won’t have to repurchase them constantly. However, the shelf life of natural cleaning products might be lesser so carefully read the storage instructions for maximum longevity. 

They don’t cause any harmful after effects

While it is true that natural products don’t contain chemicals and are far less dangerous to use, sometimes natural cleaning products do leave lingering negative effects. Since these are entirely made of ingredients found in nature, they may have certain allergens and might cause reactions when used daily. The best way to protect yourself is to check the ingredients label carefully as it contains all the necessary ingredient information that you might require. Avoid purchasing something if it already has ingredients that you might be allergic to. Simply check the label before making your purchase and switch to another natural product in case of issues. However, very few natural products might cause allergies so it’s best to be careful and check the ingredients thoroughly. 

Not using chemicals is the only way

Everyone knows the harmful side effects of using chemical products. They can cause severe health issues like respiratory and skin problems, especially after prolonged exposure. While natural cleaning products are efficient as well as affordable, in some very rare cases they don’t get the job done. Although these are extreme and rare situations where a natural cleaner won’t work and you might have to opt for a more harsh chemical-based product. There might be rare cases where a heavy-duty chemical cleaner is required to clean a particular place or area. Even while using chemical products, being careful and maintaining good health should be a top priority, and instructions such as wearing gloves and not coming in contact with the product must be followed. 

There are many myths surrounding herbal cleaning products but most of them are untrue. herbal products are environmentally beneficial, affordable and efficient and should be adopted in as many households as possible. Most herbal cleaning products also come with good quality biodegradable packaging making them all the more better for the planet. So check out these products and make the switch immediately!