10 Do’s and Don’ts of living with Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is simply an unpredictable condition as anyone suffering from the same can feel the complete spit and vinegar one day and just the opposite the other day. If you are unfortunately are facing this ailment, the following these do’s and don’ts can really make a great difference.

Let’s check the 10 do’s and don’ts of living with Fibromyalgia

1). Do Pay attention to the things you eat:

If you are eating fiber-rich, natural, and whole foods, they will not make any difference, however, you should avoid the junk by keeping your health first. By consuming whole and healthy food, you can end up rebuilding your body the best.

2). Don’t do much while you are feeling good:

Pacing is often called the key of the game. Start learning to stop before you end up crashing up. This is a well-known procedure and can be found only with good exposure. Make sure you pay attention to the things you feel and learn the way you anticipate the feeling of doing too much of the same.

3). Do Move Every Passing Day:

Whether you go for a walk or a marathon, make sure you find some time to carry out some physical activity on a daily basis. By doing this you can get rid of the stiff muscle that remains unused. With physical activities like these, you can get good relief from the stress and pain along with getting a good mood.

4). Don’t Sabotage yourself with improper nutritional options:

One of the best and fastest ways to feel dull and weak is to eat in a poor fashion. Fake foods can only offer you dull and short time kind of effects, however, consuming real and fresh foods can have long lasting and refreshing results.

5). Do Deal with your Daily Stress Levels in your life:

Though one can reduce the stress, you need to consider how effectively can you deal with this issue. Consider making a priority chart for dealing with stress. In the same way start participating in day-to-day activity in some or the other way to find the healing practices like a deep breath, meditation, yoga, and other things.

6). Don’t Ignore work issues that keep you dejected:

At times even with small amount of issues can create bigger problems.  If you are facing any job-related problems, make sure you sort out the things the best. Similarly, if you are facing any issue in your relationship, get things sorted out rather than making things a big hell. In other words, manage the stresses the best to see the difference in your life.

7). Do Listen to your Body

There are many women who are seen combating fibromyalgia fatigue, hence you need to listen to your body and do things as per the whims and fancies of it in order to make things under control.

8). Don’t Put the others first

It is natural to make things better for your kids first, however, in case if you are facing issues like fibromyalgia then you need to keep your health first and start caring for yourself the best. Don’t miss the doctor’s appointment, take care of your food, etc.

9). Do utilize the energy the best

It is simple to fall into a negative attitude to do nothing in such conditions claims the experts. However, with this, you keep your energy underutilized, which makes you the victim of this ailment. Rather, you should be doing all the things to utilize the energy.

10). Don’t Overdo things during your good days

Lastly, avoid making up your lost time on your days that are pain and fatigue-free. Attempting to do a number of things can only create problems. Rather try doing things gradually to cope with the pace of the after-effects of the ailment.

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