How to Use Diet and Weights to Tone and Build Lean Muscle

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Are you aiming to build on your strength and become leaner in the process? If so, then there are several different foods and workouts that you can do which are going to help with doing this. This article is going to focus predominantly on the most effective ways that you can use both diet and weights to tone and build lean muscle. If this is something you are interested in, then be sure to consider the below pieces of advice.

Eat More

A lot of the time, when it comes to managing a diet, eating more seems to be counterintuitive but this will come with a huge array of benefits if you do it right. You need to be adding protein to your diet more and increasing your overall calorie consumption as well. If you want to work out the number of added calories that you should have every day, then be sure to follow the below advice and you will gain about 1 pound a week in added muscle.

  • Work out (in pounds) how much you currently weigh
  • Times this figure by 12 and you will get your basic calorie requirement
  • Times that number by 1.6 and you will be able to work out how many calories you burn every day without exercising
  • You will want to try and add about 500 calories onto this figure as it means that you should gain about 1 pound a week by doing so (you need to ensure you are exercising and that the food you eat is high protein and good for you)

Focus on Building Muscle

If you are new to working out, then you should find that most workouts are going to be enough to encourage protein synthesis. On the other hand, if you have been weight training for a while and your body is used to it then you are going to need to try and focus on some of your larger muscle groups as these will give you faster results. When you do dumbbell workouts, there is a range of different exercises you can take advantage of that will target some of your biggest muscle groups, such as your chest, back, and legs. As such, you should consider getting some Mirafit dumbbell weights that will allow you to do these ranges of exercise.

Take Rest Days

You must be incorporating rest days into your training routine as these are very important. When you are going all in on your workouts it can often be quite tempting to simply continue with what you’re doing and keep going all out but realistically, resting is important and is a big part of your overall progression. If you aren’t putting in your rest, then you aren’t giving your muscles enough time to repair and this is a big part of becoming more lean and toned. You are also increasing your risk of injury if you aren’t getting enough rest which will hinder your progress a great deal.