How to Take a Small Garden to the Next Level

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While turning a small garden into an outdoor space that you can enjoy can certainly be challenging, it is most definitely achievable with the right ideas, strategy, creativity, and a few design tricks. There are several things that you can do to maximize the space in your small garden and make the most of what you have including vertical gardens, double-duty garden furniture, and unique planters. If you have a small outdoor space and are not sure where to begin to get it ready in time for summer, here are some ideas that you might appreciate.

Decorate Walls and Fences

Adding new fencing to your small outdoor space can be a great idea to get more privacy and create a cozy outdoor environment. You can get a range of different fences from this Chesterfield fence company, Fence Depot Co. If a new fence is not in your budget for your small garden, then consider decorating what you have. Lattices and leafy décor can make a great addition, especially if your garden isn’t large enough for a lawn. A fresh lick of outdoor paint on fences and walls can also make a big difference.

Add Hanging Planters

When most of the space that you have in your small garden is used up with furniture, you don’t want to clutter it with free-standing plant pots. But some color is always nice, so consider adding hanging planters to make the most of the space. You can hang them from walls, fences, or a small pergola and add greenery or floral arrangements to add some color and interest to your space.

Artificial Grass

Depending on the size of your garden, you may want to add some artificial grass to give a touch of greenery to the space. Artificial grass is often better for a small garden space since it does not require too much care and is a simple and budget-friendly upgrade.

Add Some Lighting

Adding some lighting to your small garden space will brighten it up and give it a cozy feel depending on the type of lighting that you use. Globe string lights are a popular choice for small outdoor spaces, especially if you are going for a more of a bohemian vibe.

Fence Planters

If you like the idea of a colorful garden but don’t have the space for flower beds or a lot of elaborate plant pots, then fence planters can be a great alternative. You can find planters that you can simply hang over the top of the fence or planters that you can screw into the fence posts to add lots of your favorite colorful blooms.

Painted Furniture

Wooden furniture is an ideal choice for a small garden space. However, don’t settle for boring – giving your wooden furniture a fresh lick of paint in a bright color can be an ideal way to brighten up the space and open it up.

While not having a huge amount of garden space to work with can be challenging, there are lots of things that you can do to create an inviting, comfortable space for the summer.