Hiccups in Babies-Baby Hiccups

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When you are pregnant and are lying on the bed, you are so happy. So why does he or she kick in rhythm?

Babies, before they are born in your uterus, can suffer from hiccups, the mother can feel this, and it feels quite a funny feeling. There is nothing to worry about, this is perfectly normal and happens in virtually every pregnancy more than one time.

The baby can start his first hiccupping bout at about 15 weeks, although the mother will not feel it then, it is usually when the baby is coming toward the end of the pregnancy when you can feel it big time.

You may think ‘how on earth can a baby hiccup in the womb when there is no air in there?’ Well, this is simple, hiccups have nothing to do with the air we breathe but a rhythmic contraction of the diaphragm which is caused by irritation or a tickle to that muscle making it react.

Causes For Hiccups

Hiccups inborn babies can cause by drinking their milk too quickly or a sudden change in atmospheric temperature causing them to get cold. This again is nothing to worry about, unless the hiccups go on and on and on for hours and are apparently causing distress to the baby. This can happen in rare cases. In this case, then go to your GP or doctor. They will advise you where to turn and what to do next.

In some cases, some babies will find that hiccups are funny, my little one used to laugh when she hiccupped. The surprise that is caused can make them laugh; it can be funny watching the baby as it is amused by the sudden onset of each contraction.

Stop Hiccups In Babies

There are many old wives tales when it comes to different ways of stopping hiccups, some though are totally ill-advised and should not be tried at all such as slapping a child on the back with a hard, firm slap. This can cause your baby some serious injury, never, ever try this.  But there are big folk laws which say dropping a cold key down someone’s back or inflating a paperback and bursting it to cause a shock can stop hiccups.

I always used to sit my daughter on my knee and rock her while rubbing her back very gently with my hand; this used to do the job just fine for me. The hiccups soon disappeared without a trace. In the odd occasion that this did not work, then a baby’s bottle with some cool boiled water would help to alleviate the hiccups. The baby sucking on something even a dummy or a soother can help to relieve the hiccups for your baby.

Hiccups in babies are very common and usually just a formality.

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