HappiTALK – A Safe Space to Untangle Your Mind

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The mind and body work together for the healthy functioning of an individual. We all are concerned about our physiological health; we exercise, go for yearly check-ups, visit the doctor even if we feel slightly uncomfortable. But why do we wait for our mental well-being to get worse before it gets better? Why do we so conveniently ignore mental health conditions? Why don’t we get in touch with a professional as soon as we realise that we are unwell?

According to various sources, early intervention can significantly impact the effectiveness of counselling and therapy sessions for any mental well-being issues. In fact, everyone should talk to an expert now and then, even if it’s to vent out their bottled-up emotions or talk about mental health goals.

HappiTALK is our endeavour in bringing counselling to the forefront and normalizing talking to a therapist or an expert.

What is HappiTALK?

HappiTALK is an affordable and reliable digital product that will enable you to talk to our mental well-being experts anonymously as per your comfort. All the information that you choose to share with our experts will be secret between you two. Our experts are chosen after a rigorous screening and interview process. They all are experienced and well-versed with the digital ecosystem.

Most of us are hesitant at some point when it comes to therapy. It could be due to the following reasons.

  • Lack of awareness is one of the major challenges. People ignore their mental health and think that therapy is nothing but a fad.

  • Most people aren’t aware of their mental health and assume that they are emotionally well.

  • Some people feel insecure about talking to a stranger and telling them everything.

  • Traditional therapy can be expensive and hence, people who are even interested back off.

  • There is a taboo around therapy. People think it’s only for people who are suffering from mental disorders. However, the reality is the stark opposite.

  • The total number of emotional health experts is inadequate as per the need. Hence, people do not have easy access to experts. Sometimes, distance is also a challenge.

At HappiMynd, we thought about all of these challenges and ways to mitigate them. HappiTALK is our solution for the mental well-being of people in India.

Why HappiTALK?

HappiTALK is a modern-day digital product that can easily fit into our lifestyle. It solves most of the problems that people relate with therapy. HappiTALK makes it easy.

  • HappiMynd is a holistic product that revolves around a five-stage model based on Awareness, Prevention, Early Detection, Self-Management and Therapeutic Treatment of mental wellness and related issues. HappiTALK is the last leg. It provides therapy once the person is aware of their mental well-being.

  •  HappiTALK keeps all the information that the person chooses to share confidential. The experts wouldn’t even know your name and will use your nickname for referring you. Hence, you wouldn’t have to worry about your personal information getting out.

  • Our product is also affordable so that it can reach the masses and everyone can benefit from it.

  • HappiTALK is not only for people suffering from mental disorders. People who want to thrive or vent out their emotions can also use the product.

  • HappiTALK mitigates the lack of accessibility. A user from anywhere in India can access the portal and talk to our experts as per their comfort.

This is not it. HappiTALK has a lot of positivity in store for you.

Who Should Use HappiTALK?

If any of the following points relate to you, then you should consider using HappiTALK.

  • If you have taken HappiLIFE screening and fall in the moderate, severe or very severe category

  • If you are struggling to grow and want the guidance of a professional for a clear path

  • If you feel that you need to vent out your bottled up emotions

  • If your thoughts are troubling you and all you want is just to untangle your mind

  • If you want to put things into perspective

  • If you are not finding joy in daily activities and feel that you are missing something

  • If you want to thrive in your life

  • If you also think that mental well-being is as important as physical well-being

HappiTALK is an ideal platform for anyone who wants to start working on their emotional well-being and require professional help. It is also for people who might be suffering from clinical symptoms of any emotional issues. HappiTALK can be your active partner in your journey towards overall well-being. You will always have a professional by your side that will help you in every step.