8 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Active Through the Winter

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Winter can be a stressful time for any parent. If your kid is going to school or daycare, chances are they’re bringing a bunch of new germs home, and you’re getting sick as much as they are — if not worse. On the days that you’re spending time together as a family, it can feel challenging to deal with those short, cold days and far too many hours indoors. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your little ones moving and having fun. Gear up in outdoor gear to get into the chilly weather fun time mindset. This winter, try any of these eight fun ways to keep the kids active through the winter.


Kids Active Through the Winter


  • Exercise During TV Breaks — Have the kids get up and get moving in between TV breaks. You may not have cable with commercials anymore, but you can set a timer for a timed break in the middle of whatever episode they’re watching. Create a “move jar” and fill it with slips of paper with phrases or words that call for movement. It could be an animal movement together like a “monster walk” or a “bear crawl.” If you have multiple kids, have each child pick a movement for you all to do together as a family. With older kids at home, install an area with weights or a pull-up bar and encourage them to download an activity app to stay active.
  • Play Video Games That Incorporate Movement — Host a family game night to get the kids involved in a rousing game of Wii Bowling or Just Dance. If you’re more old school, try a classic Twister or Simon Says. Charades requires no special equipment, and you can make it as active as you like.
  • Host a Dance Party — Looking to dress up for your dance party with the kids? Accessorize with functional jewelry that’s pretty and sweatproof when you’re showing off your best moves. Put on your favorite music and dance around the room with your little ones. Make it extra fun by turning off the lights and shining bright with glow sticks. Have them dance along to a positive and active guided dance video on sites like Go Noodle.
  • Do a Clean-Up Sprint — Even our little ones love to mimic what they see mommy or daddy doing, which may include cleaning. You may not think that dusting for the umpteenth time is fun, but you may be surprised at how your toddler thinks playing with the broom and dustpan is loads of entertainment! Encourage your kids to vacuum or declutter as many rooms as they can in 10 or 15 minutes and call it a Clean-Up Sprint Game.


Do a Clean-Up Sprint


  • Build an Indoor Obstacle Course — Encourage your kids to jump, crawl and wiggle their way to excitement by building an indoor obstacle course. You can use everyday household items you find in your kitchen, living room or garage. Set up an obstacle course with pillows and cushions for younger children. Engage in active play with toys or have them push a baby doll around in a play stroller. Try putting tape on the floor to create a hopscotch pattern for them to jump around.
  • Try a Scavenger Hunt — Incorporate a fun treasure hunt with your kids where one of the goals is for them to see if they can find your best silicone rings. Instead of sending them on a hunt for fragile or pricey valuables around the home that can break, sturdy and stylish silicone rings offer incentives without you having to worry about what happens if they break – because they won’t. Once you set the rules of the scavenger hunt, your kids will love running around the house in a race to find all the items on their search list.
  • Take a Walk — It may be winter, but as long everyone bundles up properly, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the outdoors year-round. Plan ahead and take a walk while the sun is out. Layer up with a base layer, mid-layer and your outerwear and accessories, including gloves, a hat and a scarf, to stay nice and cozy during your outdoor walk.


Take a Walk


  • Make a Nature Collage — Some kids may not be interested in taking a walk outside for the sake of taking a walk. To make it interesting, make it a goal to put together a nature collage. Tell your little ones to collect twigs, rocks and leaves that they find in the yard or at a nearby park. Once you’ve gathered your chosen nature collection, assemble them into a creative collage as a family.

The good news is that even if you and the kiddos feel isolated this time of year, you’re not alone — especially since we’re just coming up for air after a busy holiday season. Data from CivicScience shows that 58 percent of parents are more stressed out this time of year. (And as for the other 42 percent that aren’t supposedly as stressed out, well, we’ll take a guess that they were too busy handling everything on their to-do list to even participate in this poll.) It’s that time of year that plenty of parents are trudging through. The days may feel far too long, but the years are short. Embrace the cold air and enjoy the quiet moments in between all these exciting winter activities. Dress warmly and be prepared to make lots of memories (and snowmen!) to stay active through the winter and all year long.