Five Purses, Bags, and Clutches Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

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Purses, bags, clutches – with a lack of pockets and just too many big things to carry, having something with you is a necessity. Just because it is a necessity, however, does not mean that it needs to be utilitarian. Your purse or clutch can be just what your outfit needs and can help pull together your look.

These accessories can help make your outfit pop, or they can help ground it out. The right purse can become a statement, or it can work to help you balance out your shoes and other accessories.

While you don’t need a huge closet of options, it’s always good to have a few high-quality essentials. With these top five options, you will have everything that you need to start accessorizing like a pro:

1.     Statement Piece

Everyone needs a statement piece. This can be as eccentric as the infamous styles available at, or it can be as simple as a brightly colored timeless piece. The statement piece works wonders whenever you want to stand out. Pair your statement piece with a simple, minimal outfit and have it pop.

2.     The Big Tote

The material, shape, and overall design of your tote are entirely up to you, but everyone needs a large bag at some point and having one that you can rely on to help you look beautifully put together is a must. Tote bags are great to bring with you when you shop, go to the beach or have a picnic.

3.     The Weekend Bag

Weekend bags are incredibly useful and secure. Think of them as the big tote you want with a zipper to keep all of your essentials in. To get the most use out of your weekend bag, you will want to make sure that it adheres to the stringent airline size checks. This way, not only do you have something stylish when you want to stay the night somewhere, you have a great carry-on for when you jet off.

4.     The Little Purse

A small clutch or shoulder bag can be just what you need when you don’t have pockets and want to add a little something extra to your look. While you can have a statement clutch and mix two of the essentials in this list, don’t be afraid to have multiple choices. Having a little black shoulder bag and a striking statement clutch is perfectly reasonable and can help you improve your style.

5.     The Crossbody

Crossbodies are a type of purse that has a strap long enough to comfortably wrap around your body. They are a great choice for so many women because they are generally safer to wear. Rather than have a tote or shoulder bag that can be ripped off of you, your crossbody can only be removed if there is a significant fight or if it is cut. This makes it a great choice when you need something small and are going to be out and about – particularly if you are traveling abroad.