Everyday exercise is the best way to feel good

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Imagine you’re a fitness fanatic who just loves everything about sports. You train several hours a week at the gym. But have you considered what other choices you make? Do you take the car to the gym or do you see it as an extra workout to actually walk or cycle there? Maybe you justify it with the fact that you can get out a little extra during training if you can take the car home.

Do you walk to work or do you take the car, this can be tough if you live a long way from work, but if you live within walking distance why do you take the car? Is it too stressful in the morning? Do you take the stairs or use the escalator or elevator to change floors? Maybe you haven’t thought about how close it is to the store, but out of habit, you get in the car.

Everyday exercise is at least as important as all training in the gym. Because everyday exercise can strengthen you all the time. Some argue that everyday exercise is the true and most important exercise we can offer our body because we do that little extra all the time to keep us going.

Because if you don’t think about how you live and act when you don’t exercise, a few hours of exercise doesn’t actually affect the effect of a longer and happier life. Therefore, make sure to get in all your daily exercise in addition to your workouts, you will notice a difference. You will realize that by taking the time to go for a walk instead of getting into a car, you will increase oxygenation and in the long run lead to a fitter and more active life.

So use as much everyday exercise as possible, move around at work, take the stairs instead of the elevator and make sure to park your car unless it’s absolutely necessary. Live your life with everyday exercise.