Consequences of Sleeping on an Old Mattress

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In the old days, few people used mattresses for sleeping due to their cost. But, sleeping on a mattress has become a thing in the past few decades. However, due to its high price or lack of knowledge about mattresses, we use them for years until they are completely worn out or broken. 

It is important to understand that mattresses come with a warranty, just like any other perishable thing we use. We must change them after certain years to avoid further problems.

To learn more about it, we must understand mattress life, what happens with the mattress after the warranty is over, and its side effects on our health.

What is the lifespan of a mattress?

What is the lifespan of a mattress

Most experts and manufacturers recommend replacing your mattress after eight years. However, if your mattress is carefully cared for, it may live longer.

High-quality mattresses often last longer than typical mattresses, although the exact number of years is unknown. Many mattress producers provide a ten-year warranty, while some offer a twenty-year warranty. However, mattress life is determined not only by the material and manufacture of the mattress but also by its use, adverse weather, upkeep, and other factors.

Regardless, there are certain measures to keep your mattress healthy and long-lasting.

  1. Do not allow your children to jump on the mattress.
  2. To avoid sinking your body in well-worn places, change mattress sides every few months, either end to end or altogether.
  3. To minimize sagging, use a good bed frame with center support.


What happens to mattresses when they have served their purpose?

Even after years of care, mattresses ultimately begin to wear out, resulting in enduring problems such as

Sagging or deformation 

The mattress becomes softer over a period as they are exposed to body weight every night for years. Thus, when that softness increases, we feel sagging and less support. Sometimes, the mattress becomes saggy due to lack of support, damaged or wrong bed frame.

Dust mites

Our body leaves a residue of dead skin and body oil on the mattress every night we sleep. It causes the harboring of dust mites in the millions, which remain unseen due to their microscopic size.


The mattress is constructed of a polyurethane and other chemicals used in flame repellents and polymers, which produce significant levels of toxic gasses known as volatile organic compounds.

What are the negative impacts of outdated mattresses on our health?

Though we do not believe that a very comfy mattress may negatively impact our body or health, it can. Sleeping on an old mattress may have several negative implications on our health.

Such as,


A tiring day is always the result of a lack of sleep. Though one or two nights of sleep deprivation is normal, it might be troublesome if it occurs every night.

Even if you sleep for eight hours, old mattresses can promote sleep loss, leading to tiredness the next day.


Back and joint discomfort makes living tough. Back pain can be caused by many factors, including old, sagging, and worn-out mattresses.

Even though the mattress does not cause discomfort, it may aggravate your chronic back pain if it is not comfy and supportive.

Orthopedic mattresses, the finest back pain relievers and provide optimum support while sleeping, are now available from top mattress brands in India.

Overweight or obese

Obesity or weight gain is more common in persons who are sleep deprived, as sleep deprivation causes sleepiness, which leads to overeating. Also, being fatigued from a lack of sleep hinders you from exercising daily, which leads to a weight increase.

A bad or worn-out mattress prevents you from sleeping soundly, leading to fatigue and, eventually, weight gain. Thus, replacing the mattress when it exhibits indications of wear is always the best option.

Infection of the lungs and throat

Many people suffer from respiratory disorders caused by various factors such as pollution, a lack of oxygen, and so on. However, old mattresses, which store dust mites, molds, and allergies, can also cause respiratory problems such as asthma and sore throat.

To keep these allergens away from your mattress, keep it clean and expose it to sunshine regularly. If the mattress stays sick, purchasing a new mattress rather than continuing to use the old one is an option.

Heart disease

Sleep deprivation is also a major contributor to most cardiac diseases.

Old mattresses prevent you from getting enough sleep, leading to heart problems and other heart-related ailments.

Immune deficiency

Our weakened immunity can lead to various ailments ranging from fever to the common cold. Old mattresses become a breeding ground for many germs and allergies, weakening your immunity and leading to severe disease.

Accelerated aging

One of the biggest troublesome aspects of our lives is premature aging. Many factors, including lack of sleep, might lead us to age prematurely.

Sleep loss caused by old mattresses might result in premature aging.