Causes of Heart Attack | Causes of Heart Failure

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Causes of heart attack have various factors. The risk factor increases when more than one factor increases.


It is very crystal clear that elder people have more risk than younger ones. Between third and fourth decade
(30-40yrs) is having highest possibility.

Most peoples think that men only have the heart attack risk higher. But statistics shows women or equally suffer from heart attack. Woman before menopause(cessation of menstrual cycle) is having some protective mechanism. The secretion of a hormone gives protection to the heart. After that the risk is equal lent to that of male. Because the symptoms of a heart attack in women are different from men’s. Even experienced doctors also considering the “chest pain” as a main symptom.

Family History
According to the study, 40% of cases of heart attacks are genetic related and run in families. Environmental factors has 60% in the role of a heart attack.

Formation plaques in the blood vessels are known as “Atheromas”. It undergoes a series of abnormal interactions with blood platelets and monocytes causing an abnormal collection of cells, fat, and debris. It is known as Atherosclerosis.

The major risk factors for atherosclerosis are

increased LDL(low-density lipoproteins), decreased HDL(high-density lipoproteins), smoking, hypertension, and diabetes.

It is the main factor in the causes of a heart attack.

It causes Stroke when it is formed in the brain vessels.

Smoking causes an increased need for oxygen heart muscle and decreased blood supply and thereby producing angina(chest pain). Smoking plays a major role in the formation of atherosclerosis and thereby heart attack. Avoid smoking reduces the incidence of heart attack within 4 to 6 months.


An increase in blood pressure and heart attack precipitation also has a significant ratio in the formation of a heart attack. An increase in blood pressure of both systole(upper reading) and diastole(lower reading) is also the main cause of heart attack. Increased blood pressure causes an increase in the size of the left ventricle(left lower chamber of the heart) leads to increased pressure in that chamber and decreased function of the heart causes heart attack..


Cholesterol is the number one culprit. The increased level of cholesterol and heart attack is much more common than any other factor. Increased cholesterol level LDL-bad cholesterol (more than 125mg/dl)is a significant factor for heart attack. In human physiological system has symptoms for every disease except high cholesterol levels. So it is advisable to do a blood examination for cholesterol once in 5 years after the age of 20.

Causes of heart attack also include the level of Physical Activity
People who are having good physical work are less vulnerable than those who are having less physical work. Type “A” personalities (professionals, aristocrats) are having less physical work than mental work, which increases the incidence. So it is better to have exercise regularly.

Diabetes enlarges the process of arteriosclerosis in heart blood vessels and expands the possibility. Patients who are suffering from diabetes and heart attack precipitation should be watched carefully. Because diabetes patients may not have chest pain in attack(silent heart attack symptoms) is also a high-risk factor in treating diabetic heart attack patients.

Obesity obviously shows all risk factors in the causes of a heart attack. Obesity indicates less physical activity and increased fat intake leads to hypertension and high cholesterol. So obesity is a very good indicator for heart attack.

As per studies, daily intake of a small amount of alcohol increases the production of HDL(High-density lipo proteins-good cholesterol). HDL is having heart-protecting action. But nobody knows which is the optimum amount of alcohol to consume. Consumption of alcohol regularly even in small quantities causes other problems in our body.

Dietary Factors
Nonvegetarians and heavy diet intake increase the formation of atherosclerosis and thereby heart attack. Vegetables and fruits are having high levels of vitamins and minerals(anti-oxidants) are giving protection to the heart.

Mental Stress
People with a high level of mental work than physical, getting angry frequently, less social and financial security, unfavorable workplace and family circumstances are precipitating factors of a heart attack.

Decreased level of Iron(Hb)in the blood reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood and thereby myocardial ischemia and heart attack.

Decreased secretion(Thyroxin) of the thyroid gland is known as hypothyroidism. This condition facilitates hyperlipidemia. The thyroid gland may be enlarged(goiter).  Usually, patients are suffering from angina(chest pain). Treatment with thyroxin decreases the pain clinically.

Peripheral vascular Disease
Atherosclerosis in the peripheral(hands and legs) blood vessels increases the chance of heart attack.

Learn how to prevent a heart attack by reducing the risk factors and causes of a heart attack.

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