6 Ways to Make a Better Bedroom With Clever Storage

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We all know how difficult it can be to find the right kind of storage in a bedroom, whether you’re after stylish TV cabinets or durable shelving, but it’s not just about the practical use of storage spaces; it’s also about making your bedroom look better.

If you make clever use of compact storage solutions, you can build a better-looking bedroom while also freeing up much-needed space.

From shelves to closets and even clever window storage, these pieces will help you turn your home into a modern masterpiece!

1. Install Shelves Around the Room

Traditionally, we tend to put closets or dressers at the end of our bed so that everything is within arm’s reach when we need it.

However, this isn’t the only solution.

Installing shelves around the room and placing lamps on them is a great way to make good use of that otherwise unused space and combine aesthetics with functionality.

2. Install a Bits and Pieces Wall Organizer

If you’re tired of having small items like your computer’s power cables and chargers lying around your room, you can create a multi-purpose organizer that keeps all these things under control.

Simply install a wall organizer with separate dividers, then use the different sections to store power cables, flash drives, USB sticks, and more. You can even add labels so everything is easily identifiable!

3. Consider Bunkbeds To Increase Space

If you’ve always wanted to have a bunk bed in your bedroom, this is the perfect time to make it happen.

Besides having much-needed extra storage space, bunk beds will also allow two kids to share and have their own personal space in the room.

Check out Reinforcedbeds.co.uk for some great options.

If you don’t think dorm beds are for you, but still want extra storage options in your bedroom, consider getting a cabin bed that will allow you to raise the bed and have storage underneath.

4. Install Reading Nooks

A reading nook is one of those ideas that has been around for quite some time.

We’re not sure why it isn’t more popular, but a reading nook can make a bedroom look so much better than it otherwise might.

It’s also a great way to save space while still having somewhere comfy to curl up with a good book.

5. Use the Space Under Your Bed

Underbed storage units offer you the option of placing books, shoes, or anything else under your bed.

These are great additions if you don’t have enough room elsewhere in the room and will give you extra space for shelving and other items that might not fit anywhere else in your room.

6. Use the Wall Behind Your Bed

If you’re using a bed with a headboard, consider using the wall behind it for storage and creating more space.

All you need are hooks that you can use to hang different items like clothes, towels, or backpacks. You can leave them open so they take up less space or close them to give even more storage room in your bedroom.

The idea is similar to the bits and pieces organizer mentioned above, except that this time it’s all fitted on one wall where you might have an extra corner or space available.