3 Summer Breaks for You and Your Dog

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Heading out on holiday during the summer months is a great way to spend some time away from the stress and chaos of work and maintain a hectic schedule. You can enjoy some new scenery and take some time to experience something new.

However, going out on holiday can mean that you have to leave your furry friend behind at home. This is especially true when you are going to be flying out of town for your holiday. Dogs don’t tend to fly well, and most dog owners agree that a week abroad isn’t a good enough reason to put them through the stress of such travel.

That being said, you might still find yourself feeling a bit reluctant to leave your pup at home while you are away. If you would rather travel with your best pal, then there are a number of fantastic summer breaks to consider that you and your dog can take together.

If you are currently in the process of trying to plan your next summer holiday and would like to bring along your dog, here are three amazing pet-friendly holidays to consider.

1. Camping in Trevornick Holiday Park

Many people find themselves drawn to the coasts of Cornwall during the summer holidays, and for good reasons. The warm beaches and multiple attractions are not to be missed during the summer months. If you don’t want your dog to miss out either, then you should consider bringing them camping to Trevornick Holiday Park.

Hire a camper van from camptoo.co.uk and head down to this holiday park to enjoy everything form amazing walks to a refreshing swimming pool. The best part is that your pup is more than welcome to join you for your adventures.

2. London

If you and your pup are more city-dwellers than anything else, there are many pup-friendly hotels in London to choose from. Since summertime in London is generally warm and pleasant, you will also be able to stroll around with your dog to see some of the amazing sights the city has to offer.

From morning walks along the Thames to lunch outside in Covent Garden, your dog will be right there by your side as you enjoy some of the best that London has to offer. Egerton House in Knightsbridge is even famous for offering afternoon tea with your pup so that you can enjoy a truly British experience together.

3. The Isles of Scilly

Those hoping for a bit more of an island experience for their pet-friendly holiday can take the ferry to the Isles of Scilly. You and your pup will enjoy strolls along the white beaches and lunch outdoor at a seaside café. There are several beaches on the island of St. Mary’s that are open to dogs.

As you are planning your trip, just make sure that you select beaches that are pet-friendly. There are some that are restricted to dogs that you will want to stay clear of.

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